Tale of a Boon’s Wife – Fartumo Kusow

I met Fartumo Kusow on Twitter after I devoured her book and decided I had to pick her brain. I sent her a direct message, because I just had to tell her how taken I was with her book, how I finished it in one day, and how this was such an important story to tell. I met Fartumo again (this time in person) on January 19th in Columbus, OH at the Ohio State University at her book reading organized by the Somali Students Association, and we had an amazing discussion about her book, the various themes in the book, and about Somali society today and yesterday. We had a great audience, young and old, who had much to say about their experiences, the societal expectations and standards, and the different world we live in now in after displacement and civil war.

I hope you enjoy our talk.