I’ve done a good thing for ME

I have done something good for myself that’s alleviating some stress off of me, and making me feel as though I’m working towards something.
Usually, I’m old school when it comes to writing. Think composition notebooks, and pencil kind of girl, you know, hand to brain connection and all that good stuff.
But then I would have notebooks upon notebooks, if I was lucky, or loose papers upon loose papers, if I was unlucky, everywhere full of writings, and thoughts, that I’m simply too lazy to type out on the computer. I fully admit. (Stop judging me! I got a lot going on!)
So I’ve just been writing on word documents, and saving it (this is KEY! Also, saving as I go to avoid despair from the computer crashing, and losing all my work!).
In two weeks, I have 14 documents saved averaging 600-1500 words per each document.
Ok, granted, some are just free flowing thoughts, but imagine all those in notebooks/loose papers that I would never type out!
You know what that is?

One thought on “I’ve done a good thing for ME

  1. First i thank you. I find it very attractive and fun to keep track of the interesting stories you present.
      I would like to take part in this exciting show, this is one of ME and many others, but still learning about my own home and the future. My spirit has grown from your story to a date or lesson to thank and thank you deeply.
    please continue .. to the community for lessons. “I remember: no bed of noisy tonight (SARIIRTA CAAWA BUUQ MALAHAN MIYAA??????”

    thank you and thank you mrss. IFRAH UDGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON..


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