Our Fault


What happened to the sweet nothings 

We graciously showered each other with? 

When did we lose all hope 

And decide to give up so easily? 


The hallways are empty 

There’s no laughter here anymore 

What did they say? 

Love don’t live here no mo’ 


The kids are gone 

Our distraction 

Now we must face each other 

Shed the fake smiles 

And façade of busy-ness  

It’s just us, babe 


Now what? 


It’s our fault 

No one is blameless 

We’ve avoided each other  

For years 

Hiding behind rearing children 

And raising a family  

That we forgot to love each other  


And now we’re here 

Face to face 

Middle age  

Fleeting youth  

Secure finances 

Time galore 

But empty hearts 


It’s our fault 

We didn’t nurture our love 

The way we nurtured our children 

Now we’re two strangers 

Bunking together 

Sleeping back to back 

Wishing we were anywhere 

But here  


Yet so far apart  


Can we cross this ocean? 

Will you swim towards me? 

Even a little? 

I’m willing to try 

Are you? 


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