I knew it was bad, but as he kissed me, I couldn’t help but feel so good. Wasn’t life about this? I thought, pushing away the guilt. This overwhelming passion that sends shivers down my spine whenever he touched me. Slowly, he pushes aside my nightgown, and releases my breasts from the restrictions of the fabric. It was as if they rejoiced, free at last! I laughed at the thought of it. Then the heat envelopes me, and my breathing becomes swallow. I could feel the heat rising from my toes, just suffocating me. 

“Baby, baby, he whispered, and I’m thinking, “God, I’m going crazy!” I quickly scolded myself for bringing God into this. Would He even approve of this? I wondered for a moment, but then I quickly pushed the thought aside. 

I took a good look at him. Not really a bad sight, I thought, but he had this arrogance about him. Oh well, his loving is too good to give up. I roared with laughter inside. Never thought I’d be capable of uttering such ignorance.  

But hey a girl’s got needs, right? 

The wind starts blowing, I can feel the entire Earth shaking beneath me. Lightning strikes, and thunder bellows, the sky’s turning dark, and I lose sight of everything.   

What is it when you just take things as they are like they’re supposed to be that way, whether they make sense or not.


I’m on a rollercoaster. I’m going up slowly then rush down, the wind slapping my face along the way, turning right, before twisting to the left. My heart leaps with fright, but I’m so excited.  

Acceptance. Accepting that life’s a bitch, the world is cruel, society is hypocritical, somewhere in the world women and children are hurting, countries are being destroyed in the war. I stop. Let’s face it: what does that have to do with me right at this moment? 


I’m almost there,” I whisper barely able to speak. 

Volcanoes erupt, and the earth’s shaking dangerously. Cracks start to appear on land; trees, animals, people, and houses fall in. Lightning strikes again, and the sky screams with anger.  

And I do too. I catch my breath. Finally. Relief.  

The sea is calm now. The wind slowly retreats. The earth ceases to shake, and I look up and the sky’s clear now.  

“That was so good, he said, looking at me intensely with that twinkle in his eyes as if to suggest the coming of another storm. 

He leans in to kiss me. Playfully I turn away, hiding my disgust.

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