Random thoughts floating about.

I  absolutely respect other people’s intellect, so when people say I may “misguide” someone, I am offended for the people who are supposedly easily misguided. In fact, my advice to people is always to not be so gullible and to not believe everything and everyone. Everything is political in the world. Think about who benefits from things. Everyone has bias and we must actively work against our biases and try to confront our own personal demons. Objective truths are hard to identify as everything has a little relativity and subjectivity. Especially “divine” truths. If they were objective, there wouldn’t be so many of them.  

I’m always thinking of this: can we be 100% unbiased? Even 80%? How can you measure bias? When do you know you have no bias at all? Is that even possible? How can you do research if you have any bias? Is bias domain specific?  Is it more important that you have no bias based on protected attributes race, color, national origin, sexualities?

The older one gets, the more one becomes aware of their own mortality. Sooner, or later the clock will stop ticking. What do we do with this time? Do we devote it to faith? Do we devote it to activism, and making the world a better place for future generations? Do we leave a legacy of our own by creating and curating work that is important to us, and close to our own hearts? I think of this a lot. Today I have the time to do something of my own choosing. If I make it to tomorrow, I’m one step closer to death. What am I doing with my time? Am I doing anything that’s worth a grain of salt to humanity, even to my own small family? To my child, and future generations? I don’t know really. A lot of days I just think about a lot of things, try to read a couple of articles, or a few pages in a book that I’m reading, write a few lines, and try to make it through the day. All I know is that living every day is a struggle for everyone. So, one thing I can try to do consciously each day is to be kinder, more understanding, concede on some things in the interest of community and humanity overall. It is hard but it is also very important to me. Other days, I want to fight. That also serves a purpose. You can’t concede all the time, and you can’t concede on some things at all, especially if they’re at the very essence of who you are as an individual. Navigating these things, conceding in the interest of unity and fighting for self-perseveration, are a daily struggle for me. I think for us all, to be honest. I’m just willing to say it out loud.