This is my personal journey to explore what it means to be Somali. The story of identity encompasses not only an individual’s personality traits, but also their heritage in terms of language, religion, as well as the social and political issues affecting those of similar heritage.

Since this is MY personal journey, I will share what it means for me to be Somali based on my observations and experiences, and where I believe I fit in in the greater Somali community.

With Civil War, and displacement, Somalis are scattered all over the world. The,”Somali Identity,” is not one that can be boiled down to one singular trait, or even a few related. It’s complex.

Many times, people have tried to deny me my Somali heritage, because I have refused to fit a certain prototype of what,”Somali,” is supposed to mean. I refuse that too. So this is my pushback against,”The Single Story.”

I am also passionate about social issues around the world, and in particular in my own community, and so I will blog extensively about that too.

I hope to give you plenty of insightful analysis, random musings on various issues, as well as some humor for some comic relief.

Drop me a line if you have questions or want to give me feedback. Please keep it respectful. I’m inviting you into my home; my thoughts and my personal experiences. Be a well mannered guest.

Thank you.

— Ifrah, “Ifka Nolasha.”