Thursday Thoughts

Sometimes when I write, I WRITE from the heart, and sometimes when I write, I just put words on paper, … More

For the discarded girl/women #Isbadbaadi

Why are Somali girls not given grace or offered any redemption after youthful indiscretions? Why are they(we) considered worthless, tarnished, damaged goods?  I remember when I was pregnant with my … More


Random thoughts floating about. I  absolutely respect other people’s intellect, so when people say I may “misguide” someone, I am offended for … More


So I’m reading Frantz Fanon for my philosophy class, and one of his ways of resisting colonialism /colonization is/was resisting … More

Decolonizing Our Minds

It’s really hard to exist in Somali community or any ultra conservative community as a woman with her own mind … More

Call me Intrigued

” Nothing was too disgusting, even dead skin we peeled off our feet.” Abdi Iftin,”Call Me American.”   Earlier in … More